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Children and Young People


North East Lincolnshire Children & Young People’s End of Life Collaborative

The North East Lincolnshire Children’s & Young People’s Collaborative is a group of practitioners from across children’s services within North East Lincolnshire, the Local Authority, Primary Care, Social Care, St Andrew’s Hospice, Acute Health Services, Education and the Voluntary sector. We link into the North East Lincolnshire End of Life Board.

The collaborative formed to consider and overcome gaps in provision for children, young people and their families around end of life issues, and to raise the profile of children and young people in the arena of end of life provision.

The group has developed advance care planning; one for neonates, another for children and young people.

This has and will make a difference to families it provides increased control and choices and allows families to register what they do and don’t want, the where and by whom, it gives them permission to speak openly about death, dying and what happens afterwards, but ensures they are always supported, listened to and heard.

The collaborative are involved with several pieces of work around End of Life locally.