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Continuing Care Assessment

Children’s Continuing Health Care

Children’s continuing health care provides funding to support health care needs for children and young people up to 18 years of age. It may be required when a child or young person has health needs arising from disability, accident or illness that can not be met by existing universal or specialist services alone.

A full assessment of needs is required and the child or young person must have evidence of needs in order to meet the criteria.

Children and young people who meet the criteria for continuing health care will have provision allocated in line with the local criteria for allocation.

It is likely a package for a child or young person will be commissioned funded, and provided by a range of services; predominantly health, social care and education.

If you feel your child should be assessed for continuing health support, please discuss with your children’s community nurse or key worker to arrange an assessment.

Starlight Unit at Cromwell House

In a joint venture with Childcare, Children’s Continuing Health Care in North East Lincolnshire has developed a respite unit for children and young people with significant complex health issues within the Starlight Unit at Cromwell House.

Cromwell House has been awarded Outstanding by OFSTED in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013

The venture has been enabled by grant money from Aiming Higher and capacity in Cromwell House, and was developed in response to parental requests.

The Starlight team have received extensive clinical competency training which allows them to care safely and effectively for this group of children. A telemedicine link to the children’s ward at the hospital is in place to support the team out of traditional working hours.

Children who meet the criteria will have an agreed allocation so that families get a regular break; time to focus on other children within the family or simply for quality “me” time, the unit will also offer a variety of alternative durations to accommodate holiday needs and family requests.

The unit provides a truly holistic fun centred home from home environment for this group of children and young people, and allows them the experience of meeting other children and young people who are also enjoying a break from their home routines.

Children can access respite at starlight typically from around 5 years of age although younger children may be accepted following agreement and discussion. The upper limit remains 18 years.

Starlight was the winning entry in last years Local Government, Yorkshire & Humber Making a Difference Awards in the category for outstanding Contribution to Improving Health and Wellbeing in Communities.

In order for your child to access the Starlight Unit, they will need to meet the criteria for Children’s Continuing Health care or have an assessment through Children’s Disability Service and the provision agreed through the Disability Panel (DRAG).

The ethos of the Disability Panel is to provide a transparent, fair and equitable process for the allocation of services to children, young people and families, following an assessment or re-assessment of the child’s needs.  The Panel which meets monthly, will achieve this by adopting evidence-based tools where available, to allocate resources to meet identified needs.